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Yesterday we continued our "N-UFF" personal finance series.  The message is online here.

Our topic was "N-UFF Debt," based
on Proverbs 22:7 and the thought that our enemy will use ANYTHING (including debt) to paralyze us & destroy our hearts/dreams.

Here are a few thoughts:

  • Debt Verses — I studied out the 150+ verses where the Bible references debt, credit, interest, owing, borrowing, repay, etc.  Whew.  Thorough Bible Study wears you out!
  • Tougher Topic — Over the years, I’ve realized it’s harder for me to
    teach on personal finances than other subject.  Doesn’t come as quickly.  God gave me my final "mental-breakthrough" Saturday
  • Cutting Room Floor — These references didn’t make the final cut in my 6:30 a.m. Sunday review.
  • The GREATEST News — The GREATEST news in the world yesterday (at least for me & my wife) is that our son trusted Christ as Savior (right after he led someone else to Christ).  He & I talked for 20 minutes or so between services…I was in a joyous daze afterwards, during 2nd service.
  • Salvations — We also had 4 adults claim they received Christ on their Connect Cards.  (Yea, God!)
  • Book_death_by_suburb_2
    Book Reference
    — Here’s the Death by Suburb book I referenced.
  • Debt Video — Check out the funny video clip on debt here.
  • National Debt — I got the $9 Trillion figure here.  I got the address where you can help pay it off here.  🙂
  • Credit FearsHere’s Friday’s story I quoted on the stock-slide caused by bad debt.
  • More Chairs — We were over 1000 for the 2nd week in a row.  Whoa!  We literally had to order more chairs this week.  How cool is that to be part of GOD moving in so many hearts.  So…we need more 2nd service people to move to 1st.  We need your seat, in Jesus’ name!  🙂