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Series 09 - Parent Traps "Back in the saddle again…"

Over the past few weeks, I heard great things about our OnePrayer weekend series.  The speakers were amazing & we saw God WAY exceed our hopes with collecting backpacks for Freedom Fire Ministries in downtown KC.  I think we set a goal of 150 backpacks for inner city youth, but we collected around 240!  God will use that!

On Sunday, we kicked a 5-week parenting series called "Parent Traps."  We talked about the trap of "Missing the Mark," the danger of accomplishing all sorts of good goals in our children's/disciple's lives, but losing sight of the most important goal.   I walked through the short letter of 2 John.  It's the only book in the Bible addressed to a single parent, the only book addressed to a woman, and the only book addressed to a family.  And in it, John is trying to help a good parent help herself & her kids from being drawn away from a real, daily walk with God in truth.

Here are some other thoughts I had about Sunday:

  • What's a Watch? — I went a little LOOOONG in the first worship.  I don't know if it was me knocking off the rust, or wanting to catch up on a few weeks all at once!  Either way, I tightened it up in 2nd & 3rd service.
  • Customized Services — All 3 services REALLY seemed to have their own unique flavor this week.  I found myself using different examples & references in each service.
  • Going Deeper — Here are some of the verses I referenced (or intended to reference) that can help you go deeper on this topic:
    • 1 Peter 3:15 — We all need to be ready to answer people's questions (on parenting too).
    • 1 Corinthians 4:15 — There is a big difference between simply teaching a Bible study and "parenting" (i.e. mentoring/discipling).
    • 1 Corinthians 13:1-3 — If your actions aren't rooted in God's love, no one cares how much you know about the Bible, or what kind of sacrifices you are making for them.
    • 3 John 4 — John says there is nothing that brings him greater joy than to hear his children (i.e. disciples) walk in truth.
  • Book Recommendations — Here are some parenting resources I'd recommend:
  • Mark Your Calendars — We're kicking off our Wednesday night Bible study this fall with 2 topics every parent simply must know:
    • Wed 9/9 — Understanding a Child's "Age of Accountability"
    • Wed 9/16 — Cultivating a Childs' Spiritual Life
  • A Parent Hearing from God — I received this note that brought a lump to my throat yesterday:  "Your
    sermon Sunday made me realize I’m going about [parenting my strong-willed child] all wrong.  I have been
    focusing so much on how I steer his behavior instead of how I can guide his
    heart.  I’m really looking forward to the rest of this series and what God
    has in store for me to learn.
  • A Child Mentoring His Sibling — One mother caught me & told me that saw her son, when I asked people to write down who they are "parenting/mentoring/discipling/investing in," write down his younger sibling's name.  Wow.  He got the message!
  • Collective Learning — We're asking people to participate in shared learning during the series…and we're "incentivizing" people.  For every note we receive at our "stories" email address or church website, we'll drop your name in a hat for a drawing on the last week of our series.  (The more ideas you send, the better chance you have!)  We're looking for:
    • Your parenting "God Moments"
    • Your parenting "Best Practices"
    • Your parenting "Questions" (you'd like answered Sun, Sept 13)

Next week's parenting trap is called "What if…?"  How do we cope with all the things/fears that are after our kids in today's society?