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Yesterday was the last week of our "Seasons" parenting series ("Guiding Kids through the Seasons of Life.")  The message is online here.

Our topic was communication.  We called it "Meteorology 101: More than a Weather-Watcher."

Here are a few thoughts:

  • Special thanks to Pastor Brian Gann who taught this week.  He did a GREAT job!
  • Got the chance to hear all 3 services (6:30a 1-on-1 review, 9a first worship, 10:45a second worship).  I enjoyed hearing the progression and unique flavor of each.
  • A
    mom caught me after service and, with a smile on her face, said, "After
    what’s been going on in our home recently, I think we need to just restart the parenting series again next week!"  🙂
  • Book_crucial_conversations To go deeper on the subject of communication, "Wow!"  I just finished a GREAT book on communication called, "Crucial Conversations."  You’ll be hearing more about this from me, but I this EVERYONE should read this.  Practical advice to improve communication, from the conference room to the marriage bed.
  • We dedicated 11 children after our second worship service.  The verse we teach everyone is Matthew 19:13-15.
  • Looks like the Chiefs were doing their part to encourage people to attend worship BEFORE attending games the rest of the season.  (Losing to the Raiders?  Yuck.)