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Series 09 - Average JoeYesterday, we continued our series on the life
of Joseph called "Average Joe" with a discussion of "Major League Suffering" from Genesis 39:1-20.

Here are a few "thots"…

    • Special Thanks — Thank you SO much, all of you who responded to my cry for brainstorming on areas people in our society are weak in.  The list ranged from the humorous ("ice cream") — to the anticipated ("sex, love, money") — to the subtle ("gossip…for whatever reason we do a poor job of taking our concerns or criticisms directly to the person we have on our mind") — to the reflective ("Those who know God seem to struggle with keeping an eternal perspective.  Does it really matter in the hereafter?").
  • "STOP" — I don't usually get into making up acronymns, but as I studied this past week, it was so cool to see that the ways that Joseph & Jesus were stopped from giving in to their temptation spelled "STOP."
    • S-cripture Memorization
    • T-hought Control
    • O-pportunity Limitation
    • P-ower of the Spirit
  • 3 Temptations — Was that just to COOLEST thing to see that Joseph's 3 temptations were a prophetic picture (1700 years before) of Jesus' 3 temptations in Matthew 4?  Wow.
  • Don't Fight…Flee! — We are told to TURN TAIL & RUN  (i.e. do NOT stand & try to fight!) from a number of things in the New Testament, just like Joseph fled from Potiphar's wife:
    • Flee sexual immorality (1Cor 6:18)
    • Flee idolatry (1Cor 10:14)
    • Flee the love of money (1Tim 6:10-11)
    • Flee youthful lusts (2Tim 2:22)
  • Jesus Too — FYI, Jesus was tempted in EVERY WAY that WE can be tempted…but without sin (Hebrews 4:15)
  • Not-In-My-Notes — There were 2 examples I used this weekend that were not in my notes…and weren't even in each service:
    • The Hulk — Referring to who I'd turn into if I heard, like Potiphar did, that someone tried to force himself on my wife.
    • The Cougar — Referring to Potiphar's wife, going after a younger man.  I had a hard time getting back to my notes because I was cracking up.  But I will say that GOD HIMSELF was behind me using the word "cougar" in church…I got a note from someone saying God had spoken to them at that moment about a situation & they took action that day!  That's great!!!

Next week, we'll look at how to live an extraordinary life as an "Average Joe in the Corporate Sector."