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Series 09 - Madne$$ (Finances) 2
"Yeah Bay-beeeee!!!" — Dick Vitale

Yesterday we kicked off our March series called
"Madne$$."  We're taking a topic EVERYONE is dealing with right now…the "full-court" economic pressure our society is under.

Yesterday's topic?  "Survive & Advance" — How can we deal with the FEAR that every headline, news story, market update & office rumor seems to send our way???

Here are a few thoughts from week 1.

  • The Story — I LOVE the story of Mark 4:35-41.  I love how much I can RELATE to those guys.  I love how WEIRD Jesus seems to act…at the same time showing us what should be considered NORMAL.  I love how those guys were TOTALLY changed by Jesus.  It's an awesome story.
  • The Rest of the Story — If you want to see how the other writers capture this story, check out Matthew 8:23-27 & Luke 8:22-25.
  • Fear Suc…errrr…Stinks — Guys?  There's a SERIOUS reason that "Do not fear" is the most-mentioned command in all the Bible.  We all struggle with it.
  • Feedback — One of our members grabbed me & said their "God-moment" was when we talked about Jesus promising to get the PEOPLE to safety, but NOT the boat!!!
  • $20 Billion Oops — Speaking of the economy, did you see the "Whoops!  'My Bad' for taking $20 Billion from the Government" statement by Bank of America?
  • The Bricklayer — I shot some baskets at the start of each service.  Horrible.  I have now named myself "The Bricklayer."  Went great in practice, but need that in the game!  🙂

Next week's topic?  A PERFECT topic for March Madness… "Cinderella Story" — How can we flourish in our careers in the middle of this market chaos?