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Series 09 - BeyondWhew!  The last couple days have been a W-H-I-R-L-W-I-N-D!  Haven't had the time to hardly take a breath.  Been sitting in some FANTASTIC sessions as we look toward what God has for our church family.  Cool stuff's here…and cool stuff's comin'.

Anyway, back to Sunday morning (is it already Wednesday??), we were setting our eyes on the course God wants us to navigate these next several weeks & months, developing a lifestyle of "Living Beyond."  We were trying to answer the question, "What does it look like to develop an Acts 1:8 lifestyle?"  (That's the next stage of Grace as we seek to fulfill our vision of becoming "an Antiochan Church.")

  • Acts 1:8 — Have I mentioned this verse yet?  Love it.  Learn it.  Live it.  (That's a variation on our mission "To Love; To Learn; To Lead.")
    • "But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon
      you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea
      and Samaria, and to the end of the earth." (Acts 1:8)
  • Three Locations — This verse captures God's heart for us in going "Beyond" to 3 different groups:  (1) our Jerusalem, (2) our Judea/Samaria, and (3) the end of the earth.
  • Our "Jerusalem" — This is reaching out to our own cities; the city we live in and the city we study/work in (in both cases for me, Overland Park).  It's going beyond US.  It's cultivating friendships with people who don't walk with God.  Not for what WE can get out of it, or for WE can "talk them into," but simply because God loves them.  As a bonus, check out Jesus clearing off space for Zacchaeus in Luke 19.
  • Our "Judea/Samaria" — This is reaching out into our own region/county and a neighboring county to people who have a different culture/lifestyle than you (in my case, to Johnson County, and the urban core of Kansas City).  You've GOT to read the full story of John 4, remembering how Jewish people once AVOIDED the region of Samaria like the plague.
  • Our "End of the World" — This is God's call for us to love & pray for & bless all the nations of the earth, the up to 24000 "ethnos" (i.e. people groups with a common ethno-linguistic-cultural identity) on the planet.  And we talked about the advantages of us focusing our love around a group, instead of being the traditional "mile-wide-and-inch-deep, bunch-of-push-pins-on-a-world-map" type of church.  Check out Paul's desire in Romans 15:20.  Pretty cool to be a part of THAT!
  • Need a Bulldozer?? — For many of us, we need to clear of some space (i.e some place in on our hearts & time on our calendar) for people "Beyond."  That's where some of us need a bulldozer, to drive some "good" things or "nice" things off our calendar, to create some space for what is BEST!

Get ready.  Start your engines.  Rev 'em up.

  • Tonight (Wed 6:45p) — I'm teaching through Numbers 1-2, talking about how, when you walk with God, He begins to bring ORDER to your world!
  • Sunday (3 Services) — I'm teaching through Jonah 1:1-5, talking about what it's like when you KNOW God is prompting you to do something, but you're sensing resistance in you.