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Series 09 - Walking with God The last 2 weeks, we've continued on with our "Walking with God" series and talked about both directions of our communication with God: listening & talking.

Lets talk about last week first.  That was the week we talked about "Listening to God."

Here are some thots…

  • The Big Idea — My main thot was that God speaks to us in a VARIETY of ways (think Hebrews 1:1-2).  We just aren't often listening.  God sheep always hear his voice (see John 10:3).
  • Intentional Listening — Listening to God needs to come BEFORE talking to God (James 1:19).  But MAN do I want to grow in this area…seems it's a lot more natural to talk than to listen!!!  We need to WATCH for it (think Ephesians 6:18).
  • Marco Polo — Remember that pool game?  ("Marco!!!  Polo!!!")  That's just what following God is all about…following the voice of a being you cannot see.  I didn't even have this example until I was in the middle of the message…but God "faxed it in!"
  • Speaking thru Others??? — Sometimes people have a tough time with this.  They want to hear God directly & DISCOUNT how God sometimes speaks to us through other people.  A great example of this is the King & Prophet David…when he hears from God through his friend Nathan in 2 Samuel 7.
  • Spoken to You??? — So…got any stories of how God spoke to you recently???  🙂