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Series 10 - Lie$

Yesterday, we kicked off our personal finance series called "Lie$."  Week 1 was "The Lie$ Money Will Tell You" based on what Jesus said in Matthew 13:22, "the deceitfulness of riches."

  • Money Lie$ — The list of money lies that I read came from Diana Clement here.
  • Ponzi Schemes 1 — As we heard yesterday, Bernie Madoff was just a modern version of Charles Ponzi, from whom we get the name "Ponzi Scheme" though he didn't invent it.  I guess Harry Markopolis has a new book coming out about him TRYING to blow-the-whistle on Bernie.
  • Ponzi Schemes 2 — Also, did you know that a failed "Ponzi Scheme" was the cause of a REVOLUTION in Albania back as recently as 1997?
  • Ponzi Schemes 3 — Jack Laptad caught me after services and said he thought the biggest Ponzi Scheme in history is Social Security.  He told me people aren't saving for their future in the program.  New investment money is being used to pay the old investors.
  • Art - Van Gogh's The Sower Who Painted That? — FYI, the artwork we used for Matthew 13 was Van Gogh's "The Sower".
  • Now You Know — Did you know that you can turn any word into a title for a financial series, as long as you find an "S" to convert to a dollar sign?  🙂
  • Love Me Love Me — As I was prepping this week & thinking through the Lie$ money will tell us ("Trust me. Serve me. Love me"), the Cardigans' song "LoveFool" came to mind.  "Love me, love me, say that you need me…"  I had more than one person tell me that the song is insidious…they can't get it out of their minds now.
  • Tell Me Lie$ — Jason Henderson, our Worship Director, said he was thinking about a different song with today's topic:  "Little Lies" by Fleetwood Mac.