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Series 10 - Friendspace Alllllll-righty then…

Sunday, we closed out our "Friendspace"
series, where we were talking about how to have "Real Relationships in a Virtual World."  The title was "Let's Chat" (i.e. Communication").

What to say…what to say?

  • Book - Crucial Conversations Crucial Conversations
    Here is the book I referenced on Sunday.  Here at Grace, we give it to EVERY couple in premarriage counseling, EVERY couple in marriage counseling, and EVERY person who comes on staff at Grace.  It's a must read.  But see my next thought for a "backstage pass" on what the book is actually doing…
  • The Offer Still Stands — As I said, if you can find any truth or helpful principle in a book on subjects ranging from personal leadership, to relationships, to career development, to parenting, to personal finances…if the principle works, it was ALREADY tucked into some corner of the Bible.  (That's why the Bible is the most incredible book in the world.  It is the word of God!)  So, if you want to make a difference in people's lives & make a killing in the marketplace, just write a book repackaging Biblical principles as your own.  🙂
  • HWJC (i.e. How Would Jesus Communicate?) — I didn't have time to teach this topic this weekend.  But I was struck by how amazing a communicator Jesus is.  (Of COURSE, you say…He IS the Living WORD!!)  Think about Jesus' communication style:
    • He's so approachable — We're supposed to come to Him boldly, with anything, anytime, anywhere (Heb 4:15)
    • He tells the truth — In fact, Jesus IS "the truth" (John 14:6)
    • You can be honest — We're supposed to make our requests known to him (Php 4:6)
    • He made communication possible — He tore the veil…He has an "open door policy" now
    • He understands what we MEANT to say — The Spirit interprets our words (Rom 8:26)
    • He reaches out to us when we're distant — Think Adam in the garden, or Isaiah 1:18
    • He's patient — In fact, He's "the god of patience" (Rom 15:5)
    • He loves us — In fact, He IS love (1Jo 4:8)
  • Diving Deeper
    — There were a BOATLOAD of incredibly insight are cross references that ended up on yesterday's cutting-room
    floor.  Here are just a few.
    • Our tongue has the power of life & death — Proverbs 15:2, James 3
    • God calls us to study communication — Proverbs 15:14
    • We need to let the Holy Spirit censor our visceral, verbal reactions — Proverbs 13:3, 17:27
    • We need to doubt our accurate our assumptions are — Proverbs 18:17, 13:1, 15:31
    • We need to be courageous about truth-telling — Proverbs 12:19

Next weekend we kick off a series on the Holy Spirit called "God In You."  You do NOT want to miss it!!!