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Series 10 - Ultimate ResolutionsYesterday, it was back in the saddle for week 2 of our January series called "Ultimate Resolutions." We're exploring 5 key conversations Jesus had as potential resolutions for our lives in 2010.

This week's topic was  "Lead under" from Matthew 20:20-28 (with the parallel story in Mark 10:35-45). Hmmm…what to say…

  • Servant-Leadership — In God's mind, that's the only type of leadership that counts! The greatest leaders are ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS the greatest servants. David was. Moses was. Paul was. The greatest example of this in Jesus in John 10.
  • Book - Lead Like Jesus Extra Resources — The book I referenced was "Lead Like Jesus" by Ken Blanchard & Phil Hodges.  Great personal story.  And great book.  They also have a website called which is worth a look.
  • (Mis-)Management Quote — Here's a quote that showed up on my daily calendar last Friday: "To err is human. To blame it on someone else shows management potential. (Duck and Cover)" 🙂
  • James & John's Mom — She was a seriously committed follower of Christ.  Her name was "Salome" which means "peaceful" (Mark 15:40). She followed Jesus around with wealthy women and ministered to him out of their resources, and was with the handful of people with Jesus at the cross (Matthew 27:55-56).
  • The Cup & Baptism — Here's are more verses I didn't have time to talk about on the two challenges Jesus was struggling with about the cross.
  • Their Pettiness — This story wasn't the only time the disciples argued about petty stuff.  Check out Luke 9:46-48.
  • Related Media — In a review session, someone mentioned that the "servant-leadership" concept reminded them of two shows.  (1) Undercover Boss — where the boss decides to go incognito & work as a humble employee in his own corporation…like what Christ did.  (2) Dirty Jobs — where the star goes & does the lowest jobs of society…like what Christ modeled.