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Pix - friended_PPT_logo_nodates We kicked off our "Friended" series this weekend, where we're spending 3 weeks in the book of Mark (where we're reading in our plan right now). We spent time with the story of the four (great) friends in Mark 2:1-12.

  • Group Brainstorm — We kicked off each service brainstorming together on what people DO for friends (actions) that they might not do for people who aren't yet friends. Here's what you came up with:
    • Sat 5p — Give a ride to the airport, Watch their dogs/cats, Watch their kids, Help move, Share a meal, Send cards, Email
    • Sun 8a — Argue, Tell them no, Listen, Spend time, Share a secret, Lend them money, Share toys, Use the phrase "it's not about u", Show your ugly side
    • Sun 9:30a — Hug, Spend time together, Share secrets, Confess, Help them move, Tell them you love them, Take care of their kids/pets, Listen
    • Sun 11a — Give them a hug, Spend time with them, Help them move, Cook dinner for them, Pray for them, Play games with them, Clean their kitchen, Bring them to the men's breakfast, Watch their cat
  •  People's CommentsHere's what I heard this week after the talk:
    • "Went to @graceks Church tonight and heard an awesome message by @TimHowey about friendship. I think I need to be a better friend. #inspired"
    • "when jesus says 'your sins are forgiven' God in heaven, when he looks at your life, says 'I am unfamiliar with any sin!'" @TimHowey WORD!
    • "I want you to know that I followed through with what I felt let to do after the sermon today & contacted my friend…It was well received…I plan on emailing [them] a prayer everyday and hope that God will do what He does best…draw [them] to Him. Praise the Lord who loves me so much that I get to do His work."

It's time to intentionally & prayerfully reach out to our friends who don't know Christ yet…to pick up "our corner of the mat" & do WHATEVER it takes, to introduce them to Jesus!!! Call a friend today & invite them to church, to a study, to a sporting event, to coffee, ANYTHING!!! Then tell them what great things God has done for you (Mark 5).

Next weekend, we'll continue our "Friended" series. Don't miss it!