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Pix - unjesus_1024x768 beginI got to close out our "UnJesus" series this weekend, this time living at home in Overland Park. It was very, very, very nice to be back. We looked at a topic that probably isn't looked at very often in churches — Jesus' incredibly NEGATIVE view of religious HYPOCRISY (Matthew 23). Isn't that the same view we ALL have on religious hypocrisy???

What to say? What to say?

  • The 3 Assignments — I want to remind everyone of the 3 challenges I issued for people to prevent religious hypocrisy (which tempts virtually everyone) from taking root:
    • Pray through Psalm 51
    • Do a good deed this week that's totally secret
    • Consider whether you think "Woe is them!" or Woe is me!" (Isaiah 6)
  • Baby Dedications - 2011 June Baby Dedications?? — Not sure why this was the week we scheduled long ago for baby dedications. It couldn't have been tougher, experiencing a "baby death without a funeral" this past week. (Ugh.) Regardless, it was a joy to celebrate with those dedicating their babies.
  • People's CommentsHere's what I heard this week after the talk:
    • "Thank you for preaching this message in the fullness of Gods love and Biblical truth. I needed to hear this message today. You encouraged me to ask myself the questions I've been ignoring for a while and motivated me to respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit who has never once given up on me. One of the most loving things you can do for someone is tell them the truth. The split second I turn to God, He meets me right there every time. How beautiful. I love that he designed it that way. Special blessings, T"
    • "Truett was dedicated at church, lunch afterward, and then we crashed. My poor boy is still out! Thanks @TimHowey for a beautiful service. -S"
    • "Thank you Tim for an awesome sermon today! I appreciate that you preach on those things that cause us to evaluate ourselves. Today was kind of like cleaning out your closet. You hate having to drag everything out and make an even bigger mess, but then when you get rid of the yucky stuff and the good stuff is all put away nice and orderly, you are so happy!!! Thanks for encouraging me to look deep inside my heart for some things for the donation pile 🙂 -B"
    • "Donation plie~~HA!! I'm starting a bonfire in my backyard… Ya wanna come over?!!! Beautifully said, my craftywonderiffic friend! "Search my heart Oh Lord!" After that message this morning, who knows how long I"ll be in Psalm 51. Love you B! -M"
    • "For any good found in me… which is only through Christ…even then…I still must fall flat on my face before his feet and worship him as Lord of all. -J"
  • Mars Hill - Gogo Tower Go-Go Towers in Church?? — I got this from Jason Henderson who was in Seattle this past weekend!
    • "I am in Seattle this weekend for work and attending one of the Mars Hill Church campuses.  This one is a converted go go club and they kept one of the go go towers when they took it over (see attached). Thought it was funny. -J"

Next weekend, we'll kick off a brand new series titled "Friended" which I could NOT be more PUMPED for. I'll be talking from Mark 2:1-12. You WON'T want to miss it! See you at the PRIMO service (Saturday 5pm)!