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Series_indy_jones_tabernacle_of_u Ok.  Finished week #6 of 8 on Sunday through our "Indiana Jones & the Tabernacle of You" series.  We’re "unearthing" how each artifact teaches us a different element of our daily relationship with Christ.

This week was all about the washbasin (called a "laver") from Exodus 30:17-21.  God designed it to foreshadow how Christ desires to wash us spiritually every day.  A few thoughts:

  • Word-Pictures — I just LOVE the word-pictures throughout this series.  These are the types of studies that got me excited about God’s word originally.
  • Bonus Section — Check out John 13:1-10 (especially verse 10) to see a great description of how our whole body is washed spiritually the day we come to Christ.  After that we need to spiritually wash our feet to draw near to God every day.
  • Hand Washing  — Check out Psalm 24:3-4 & Psalm 26:5-7 which talk about our need to cleanse our hands for us to to enter God’s presence & approach His altar.
  • Feet Joke — For the record, my wife doesn’t have the stinky feet in the family.  I do.  No one does.  🙂
  • Marital Change — A friend of mine told me this morning that he and his wife were SO touched by Ephesians 5:25-26 that they put together a new plan to study the word of God together!