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Last Sunday, we kicked off one of the most fun AND transforming series we’ve ever done.  It’s called "Indiana Jones & the Tabernacle of You."

We are taking several weeks to study the Old Testament tabernacle, much as an archaeologist would (i.e. as Indiana Jones would).  We are digging around & trying to "unearth" what the various artifacts found in the Jewish tabernacle teach us about how to have a rich, daily relationship with God (because WE are God’s "tabernacle" today, 1Cor 6:19, 2Cor 5:1).

Our topic during week 1?  An overview of the tabernacle, then a study of the ark as a picture of Christ as our Lord.

A few thoughts on week 1:

  • The Theme — Our team prayed & brainstormed & discussed & agonized over the right thematic branding for this series.  We almost went with a different theme until the "Indiana Jones" idea.  (It was going to be "The Shadow: How the Tabernacle Reveals God’s Pursuit of You.")
  • The Costume — The "Indiana Jones" gear I wore this week was spot on.  But I could never have done it without 2 ladies tracking down the gear: Susan (who found the hat & whip online) & Marie (who ran around town the last few days & got everything else).
  • The Videos — I also have to give huge props to my cuz who is so incredibly gifted technically & creatively.  He put both videos together with only my crude direction.  Great job weaving voice & images from different locales.
  • The True Tabernacle — I mentioned that the Old Testament tabernacle was designed to teach us about what being ushered into God’s presence is all about.  And the articles themselves were "replicas" of what God showed Moses when he was on Mt. Sinai.  That’s from Heb 8:1-6 & Heb 9:1-15.
  • The Picture — I think the ark is an incredible picture of Christ as our Lord.  Its beauty.  Its 2 natures.  Its being the 1 seat of mercy & redemption & where we meet God alone.  Wow.  I also love how it teaches us to follow Christ, wherever & whenever He leads (Num 10:33-36).
  • The Melting Scene — In Raiders of the Lost Ark, there was a scene of Nazis being melted & struck down by lightning for opening the ark.  Sound implausible?  Check these verses out: 1Sam 6:19, Psa 68:2, Zech 14:12.