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Series 08 - Don't Forget Lyrics (Ps 119)
Yesterday, we continued off our series, "Don't Forget the Lyrics."  We talked about that point that so many of us can get to in life: when we're trying to do the right things, but we still have this sense of inner dissatisfaction & we "Still Haven't Found What We're Looking For."

We took a look at Psalm 119:121-128.

Here are several thoughts from the services:

  • Once again, the volunteers did a great job!  We are 4 for 4 after 2 weeks for our volunteers knowing the lyrics.  Did we pick phrases that were TOO easy?  🙂
  • I LOVE how specific the songwriter's prayers are in this Psalm.  Reminds me of the common mistake in prayer listened in the 2nd half of James 4:2.
  • What did you think about v.126?  Do you think it was (a) bold or (b) bolt-of-lightning-worthy?  🙂
  • If you want to hear the original song "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" , check out this video.
  • FYI, here are some other acrostic passages in the Bible.

P.S. Our final week's song is from the 60's, so all you "Boomers" get ready!