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Series_indy_jones_tabernacle_of_u Finished week #5 of 8 yesterday of "Indiana Jones & the Tabernacle of You."  We’re doing the Indiana Jones thing, trying to "unearth" how each artifact teaches us about our daily relationship with Christ.

Week 5 was all about the sacrificial altar from Exodus 27:1-8 & 29:37-46.  God designed it to foreshadow how Christ as our sacrifice.

A few thoughts on week 5:

  • The Five Sacrifices — I mentioned that ALL 5 sacrifices Israel offered were pictures of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.  Dig into Leviticus 1-7 for some GREAT pictures:
    1. Burnt — Worship with the flock
    2. Grain — Worship with the harvest
    3. Peace — Worship celebrating peace
    4. Sin — Forgiveness for all sins
    5. Trespass — Forgiveness for specific sins
  • Coolest Thing I Had to Cut — Here was the coolest thing I couldn’t cover:
  • Almost..But Not Quite — I REALLY wanted to have a grill going on stage & cook up some meats during the service, but I just had this low-grade fear of our ear-splitting fire alarms going off.  🙂
  • The Big Cut — Over the years, I have been able to develop some real consistency in both 1st & 2nd services.  But I went longer than I wanted in the 1st service this week.  So during the singing in the 2nd service, I sat backstage with a blue pen and reflected on the 1st service.  I was able to say the same things & shave several minutes off the service.