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Series_indy_jones_tabernacle_of_uJust got back from our pastor’s whirlwind retreat.  God laid some VERY cool things on our heart in the area of Spiritual Development (i.e. Discipleship) in the future…I believe it’s truly innovative (& life-changing) stuff!  More details later.

Anyway, back to yesterday…we finished off our "Indiana Jones & the Tabernacle of You" series…"unearthing" how the Tabernacle teaches us about our daily relationship with Jesus, and looked at Exodus 40.  Here are some thoughts:

  • To review the series, we played a game & gave away Indiana Jones M&Ms.   I realized that the Mars Co. (& probably George Lucas) should show us some love for the attention.  🙂
  • I decided to wear the Indy costume 1 more time.  Cracked the whip, too.  (Mmmmm…I’m ready for our fall church-wide Trunk-or-Treat).
  • Here is some more "cutting-room-floor" verses so you can dive deeper:
    • "The Door"
    • "Traveling West"
    • "The Veil"
    • "The Pillar"
  • I enjoyed the series a ton, but I am READY for the next series now.  (Check out this passage & this TV show.)  🙂