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Series_indy_jones_tabernacle_of_u Yesterday was week #3 of our "Indiana Jones & the Tabernacle of You" series.  We’re looking at the 3500-year-old tabernacle (much as an archaeologist like Indiana Jones would) & trying to "unearth" how the
various artifacts teach us how to have a daily relationship with God.

Our topic during week 3 was the golden lampstand (or 7-lamp Menorah) from Exodus 25:31-40, 27:20-21, & 30:7-8.  We saw how God designed it as a picture of Christ as our light…that is, the Holy Spirit (Zech 4:1-6, Rev 4:5).

A few thoughts on week 3:

  • An Audible — We have an awesome Weekend Service Team!  During the last song yesterday (maybe 2 minutes before I was up?), I changed our end-of-service plans by grabbing our stage director.  I sensed God wanted to have the band play some quiet, contemplative music during an old fashioned altar call at the end of service.  They all did great!
  • Our Menorah — The 7 candles we burned on our Menorah were timed just about perfect.  The 1st service ended with all 7 candles still burning (but on their last legs).  The 2nd service saw only saw 2 of the 7 candles burn out.
  • Who Does His Stunts? — A 9-year old boy in our church (a friend of my son), when he heard that I had dressed up like Indiana Jones, asked his mom, "Does Tim do his own stunts?"  🙂
  • New Believers — I met yet another person who got saved during our Easter Services a few weeks ago.  And during our "Prospective Members Class," we had a young couple trust Christ as their Savior!
  • Digging Deeper — We saw how God wants us to be "under the influence" of the Holy Spirit, instead of being drunk.  What we didn’t have the time to dive into was how God connects being "filled with the Spirit" to letting the Word of God dwell in you & fill you (compare Eph 5:18-19 & Col 3:16).

P.S. I’m headed out on a missions trip.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to post by Wed.