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Series_indy_jones_tabernacle_of_u Yesterday, I had a GREAT time.

We finished up week #7 of 8 of our "Indiana Jones & the Tabernacle of You" series.  This week was all about "unearthing" how the Levitical priesthood teaches us about our daily relationship with Jesus.

We studied both Exodus 28 & Numbers 18:

  • EVERY Christian a priest?? — Yup.  Years ago, this BLEW me away.  But check out 1 Peter 2:5 & 9 and Revelation 1:6.
  • Bearing their Names — My favorite detail of the priests this weekend was how the high priest would carry people’s names on his shoulders (Exodus 28:12) & heart (Exodus 28:29) before the Lord.  What an INCREDIBLE picture of caring for people & praying for them.
  • Land on Loan — I mentioned that the priests (picturing you & I) today would never own land…they’d just borrow it.  Moses describes this to a new generation in Deuteronomy 10:8-9.  You can read about how they FINALLY got their loaner-land in Joshua 21.
  • New Christ-Followers!!! — There is NOTHING that gets me more pumped up than seeing God work in people’s hearts.
    • The Baptisms — What powerful stories from Katie (who just came to Christ during our 24 Series) and Tom (who wanted to show his faith after years of following Christ)!
    • The Salvations — Several people recognized that they received Christ yesterday: 3 in the 1st service & 5-7 in the 2nd service!
  • Where was Mom?? — My Mom planned to be at church this Sunday with my Stepdad.  Unfortunately, he got sick.  (But you can listen to my pitiful call, "Mom??" within the first minute of the message by clicking here.)
  • Don’t Miss Next Week!! — You aren’t going to want to miss the conclusion of our series next week.  🙂  (And remember to start attending our 1st worship to free up more prime-visitor spots in 2nd service.)