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Series_indy_jones_tabernacle_of_u Sunday, we continued our "Indiana Jones & the Tabernacle of You" series.  We’re studying the Old Testament tabernacle, much as an archaeologist (i.e. Indiana Jones) would .  We’re trying to "unearth" how the
various artifacts teach how to have a daily relationship with God.

Our topic during week 2?  The table of showbread from Exodus 25:23-30 and Leviticus 24:5-9 (a picture of Christ as our sustenance).

A few thoughts on week 2:

  • The Costume — Went with the "classic archaeologist" look this week.  Threw the Indiana Jones coat & hat on a coat rack on stage instead of wearing it.  (I felt it’d be silly to wear the whole Indiana Jones gear a 2nd week.)
  • The Munchies — I mentioned that David ate the showbread (which wasn’t forbidden according to Jesus in Mark 2:23-28).  That story’s in 1 Samuel 21:1-6.
  • The Attacks — Our Worship Pastor Ben told me he felt like he was under serious spiritual attack during our 1st worship service.  That’s no accident because I felt that way during our 2nd worship.  As I was speaking, I was tempted to think, "This stinks.  It’s no good.  Not connecting with anyone.  Not helping."  I didn’t buy the lie, though.
  • The Tour — I had a member of our church turn me on to The Tabernacle Tour down in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  She & her husband loved it & highly recommended it.