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1 How Faith Works Trials Handout I continue to get feedback about Sunday's talk on "How Faith Works in Trials" from James 1:1-8 (both in the adult worship and student ministries).

Here's what people are saying:

  • From Whitney — "Tim..thank you for your sermon! I noticed that I went through each of those steps during this RSD trial! So thankful God has brought me to the joy!!!"
  • From Susan — "Where does complain, whine and moan at God come in? Oh wait, that's just me during the waiting period. Good thing our Lord is patient and tolerant…otherwise I'd have been zapped by lightning a long time ago. :)"
  • From Kelly — "Hi Tim, I so enjoyed your sermon on Sunday!!  I felt these past two years with the boys have been so very overwhelming and our faith in the storms have been tested so greatly.  I attached an article I wrote for the Grace Women's Newsletter in the Fall of 2008 on Joy in the Suffering.  I was a Mentor for the Fall Retreat tables and it was written the next week so I make reference to the speaker of the Fall Women’s Retreat and what she had shared.  I just remembered how it might apply to the topic you just spoke on Sunday.  I totally get that joy can be felt in the suffering!!  God is good!! Blessings and God’s peace this day,  KELLY"
  • From a Middle School Parent — "Hey Josh [Krzanak, our Student Ministries Pastor], I wanted to tell you about an experience I had with [my middle schooler] this week. I noticed it Saturday night when I saw notes he had written and put next to his bed so he would remember everything he needed for church the next day. The last thing he had listed was to get excited and get involved. Well he was really paying attention and came home with alot of notes from class. A few days later we were in the car and he asked about a song playing on the radio (I don't remember which one) and asked what it was talking about. I explained it to him and he related it to what you had studied in James on Sunday and he could actually quote the verse. Needless to say I was so proud of him. All the hard work you are doing is paying off…I look forward to seeing him develop his relationship with God… "
  • From Keith — "Tim, Enjoyed your message on Sunday. Powerful! Don't know if you're familar with a Christian comedian, Michael Jr. He does a very funny bit on Jesus Lil Brother. Check it out on Youtube. Blessings. Keith"

Thanks, Keith.  Enjoy the video, everyone.  🙂