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6 How Faith Works Comm Handout On Sunday, we covered week #6 in our series through the book of James called "How Faith Works."  This week's topic was "How Faith Works in Communication" from James 3:1-12.

We talked about the tongue. Here are some bonus thoughts…

  • The Tongue is Like… — One of my favorite parts about Sunday's talk was walking through the six examples James uses to talk about the tongue.  If I referred to special research, I included the link.
    1. A Horse's Bit — How Bits Work
    2. A Ship's Rudder — Rudders & Ancient Roman Ship
    3. The Spark of a Forest Fire
    4. An Untameable, Dangeours Animal
    5. A Spring
    6. A Tree 

  • James on the Tongue — James just can't let the topic of the tongue go. He touches on the role of the tongue in every single chapter.  Here are the references (HT:John MacArthur):
    • James 1:19, 26
    • James 2:12
    • James 3:1-12
    • James 4:11
    • James 5:12
  • Cross References — I mentioned several references on Sunday. Here they are:
    • The Tongue is a Fire — Proverbs 26:20-21
    • The Tongue is Sinful — Proverbs 10:19
    • With Great Authority Comes Greater Accountability — Luke 12:48
    • The White Throne Judgment (you don't want) — Revelation 19
    • The Judgment Seat of Christ (you do want) — 2Cor 5, Rom 14, 1Cor 3
  • Best Training Book — FYI, the very best training book on communication is the book of Proverbs. Read it with a pad & pen & take notes. It will change your life.
  • The Coolest Example — At the end of James discussion on the tongue in James 3:11-12, he compares the tongue to a spring that cannot send out fresh water & bitter. We talked about how you can't just slap a filter on the spring (some rules on your mouth) and expect to fix anything. You have to down deep, below the surface, and fix it in the heart of the earth (the human heart). There is a great illustration of this in Exodus 15. Moses cures the bitter water by cutting off a tree (i.e. Jesus, our Branch, cut down for us, Isaiah 11:1-2) and casting it (Jesus) right into the spring (our heart). That cures it!

I'll leave you with the GEICO commercial we talked about to illustrate how important our words are. And hey GEICO! You owe me one! (Just make it payable to "Grace Church".) 🙂