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Series 10 - Ultimate ResolutionsI'm a little late on posting thoughts on last weekend's services.  This has been one full week!

Anyway, the topic last Sunday was incredible rich & challenging for me personally.  It was week 3 of our January "Ultimate Resolutions" series for 2010, called "Hold Loosely" from Mark 10:17-30.  Specifically, we were talking about Christ's call to hold loosely to (a) our possessions, (b) our plans, & (c) our lives.

There are a number of things bumping around in my head & heart from this week.

  • Zeroing In — Did you notice that the 5 commandments that Jesus did not repeat to the rich, young ruler all dealt with his relationship with God & covetousness (his 2 weaknesses)?  Did you notice that Jesus' new commandment focused on both of those?  Jesus told him to sell all he had re:his covetousness) & follow Him (re:his relationship with God).
  • Sell My Home? — Dean Callison gave me a heads up about the Parade Magazine article on Sunday entitled, "Why we gave up our home."  That's exactly what we were talking about…would you do it, if God asked it of you?
  • Jim Elliot
    — Someone reminded me of Jim Elliot's quote, "He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep, in order to gain what he cannot lose."
  • What about You? — So…what would you give up or change if you became aware that Jesus had a different direction for you?  Would you give up your possessions/stuff?  Change your plans/dreams?  Let God do WHATEVER he wanted with your life?
  • Where's Tim? — So, I'm out near the information center, talking to Merideth Niztel & her in-laws an anonymous family, when I hear the most sickening thing I could…nothing.  Our praise music had stopped & I immediately thought, "Oh NO!  Should I already be in there?"  I ran in to see no one on stage.  I was motioning to people to ask, "Am I on?" but I wasn't able to get that question across well.  So I just started speaking from the back, explaining what I had done.  Ben said he was about to head back on stage to sing "something".  🙂 That's a first for me!

If you've can swing it, you've GOT to join us live or online tonight from 6:45-8:00 p.m. to see the AMAZING ways God provides for us in Numbers 18-19.  We're also going to talk about the significance of the extremely rare "Red Heifer" and it's implication on the End Times.