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Series 08 - Don't Forget Lyrics (Ps 119)
Yesterday, we finished our series, "Don't Forget the Lyrics."  The topic?  How God intends the Bible to affect everything about our daily lives, world-view, personal relationships, & relationship with God.

We took a look at the final stanza in Psalm 119…v.169-176.

Some final thoughts:

  • Psalm 119 is absolutely one of my FAVORITE Psalms.  It was very instrumental in fostering a love for the Word of God.
  • We went 6 for 6 on the volunteers guessing our "mystery song" lyrics.  Kudos to the ladies to "represented" yesterday on stage!
  • You can enjoy yesterday's song here.  (Is it me, or does Ringo look bored?)
  • I think it's interesting that God ONLY preserved the lyrics (not the music, except for occasional directions) in His "song book" (the Psalms).  I guess I'm thankful too.  Otherwise there would be a whole contingent of "the-Psalms-are-the-only-godly-sound people" running around!  🙂
  • This week's cutting-room floor:
    • Rom 16:25 – God "establishes" your life with the Word of God
    • Php 4:6-7 – God says to "be totally candid" when we talk to Him
    • Jas 4:2 – God says to "ask specifically" for things when we pray
    • Ezra 8:31 – Ezra saw "the hand of God" during Israel's journey
    • 1Pet 5:6 – We are told humble ourselves under "God's hand"
  • Yes, I could probably make 5 more messages each week from the verses that hit the "cutting-room floor."  🙂
  • If you want to dig deeper into Psalm 119, I'd recommend Psalm 119: A Journey into the Heart of Art - Aubrey4Me 080622
    by Jeff Adams or The Golden Alphabet (available online here) by Charles Spurgeon.
  • A little girl named Aubrey presented this picture to me after worship.

Next week, we "bust" some common myths about Jesus together!