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Series 09 - Love & Sex Yesterday was the kickoff of our February '09 series called "Love & Sex," where we are taking on a subject that the church has traditionally been silent on, even though God is not.

Yesterday's topic was "God Loves Sex."

Here are a few thoughts from week 1.

  • Touchy Subject? — I've been asked several times recently if I find it difficult to speak on this subject.  (Ahem.)  "NO!!!"  It's an AWESOME topic that God has GREAT HOPES for.  I will say that I know this is a tough subject for some people to hear because of their fears, frustrations, disappointments, & wounds.
  • Double Entendres — This is probably the most difficult thing about a series like this.  Carefully choosing language that avoids any unintended double entendres.  And, no, I'm not going to give you examples.  🙂
  • Instant Feedback — Here's some of the great feedback I've gotten already:
    • "Yesterday’s message was powerful. I didn’t take the path (GOD –> LOVE –> SEX) so I’m going back to start over."
    • "You explained so simply how the world messes it up & how we do it backwards…!"
    • "I'm so proud to be a part of a church that will take a stand and talk about the tough / taboo stuff.  I'll be praying over the following weeks for you as you prepare, and for the hearts and minds of us Gracers.  I'm trusting God to use this to set so many of us FREE from this bondage!"
  • Parental Guidance — If had a teenager & if I wanted them to hear the series, I'd do whatever it takes to bring them to the 9a or 11a service so they could join the youth at 10:30a too.
  • Cutting Room Floor
    — There are a host of other passages you can dive into for further
    study on the topic.  All GREAT stuff that hit my cutting room floor:

  • Prayerful Worship — As I was speaking with another couple after service, the wife made a GREAT suggestion.  Since sexual activity in a marriage can be a form of worship (see 1 Corinthians 10:31), why don't people just PRAY together before sexual activity.  That is, praying together that God will be pleased & honored, that it will be a wonderful experience, etc.  An AWESOME suggestion!
  • White Board Experiment — We brought back the white board for yesterday's topic.  Trying to stay "consistently inconsistent" (vs. getting into a rut that bores everyone with its predictability).  Thought it went great and heard the 3 boxes on the whiteboard really drove the points home.

Next week's topic?  "Surviving a Sexually Dysfunctional Society."  Be praying (and get ready for our "7-day challenge" starting in 2 weeks.)