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Series 10 - Ultimate Resolutions

Our "Ultimate Resolutions" series is over.  Or is it just beginning?  We're trusting God to explore & live out these truths in 2010: "Love First, Lead Under, Hold Loosely, Live Free, & Go Beyond."

Yesterday was about "Going Beyond."  We looked at Luke 10:25-37, the story of "The Good Samaritan."

  • Series 09 - Beyond Deja Vu? — If you thought you might have heard "Go Beyond" before, you have.  For the last 5 months, we've been talking about this phase of our church where we're putting the focus on people "Beyond,"  reaching out to people beyond ourselves & our church.
  • Long-Distance Update — Wasn't it great to hear from one of our young ladies on the other side of the globe? Technology today is amazing.  Here are some other requests she asked us to lift up recently:  "For more & deeper friendships with women. For people to see God in her.  For God to draw people to him."
  • Diving Deeper — To unpack the study further, check out these:
    • The origin of the Samaritans — 2 Kings 17
    • How the Jews viewed Samaritans — John 4
    • How the Church reached Samaritans — Acts 8
    • Where the Samaritans are Today — Wiki Entry
  • Could I Go Beyond Too? — After 1st service, I met a young man named Kyle who was impacted by our long-distance interview & wanted to explore going beyond as the young lady had.  Way cool!
  • A New Sister — After 3rd service, a young lady named Stephanie came up and told me that she recently had decided to place her faith in Christ.  WOW!!  That never gets old!!
  • Weekend MVP — This weekend, the award has to go to Tami Dozier.  She served in 3 different ministries this weekend.  She was in the Children's ministry ("Walkers Room") during 2nd service, a stage manager during the 3rd service, & even stepped in as an usher during the usher meeting at the beginning of 3rd service.  Way to go, Tami!

Missions - Youth Front 4 Haiti - High School 1 Missions - Youth Front 4 Haiti - High School 4 Missions - Youth Front 4 Haiti - High School 2 At the end of service, we challenged people with 5 Local Outreach opportunities (+ 1 World) to "Go Beyond" over the next 3 weeks.  Here they are:

  1. Meals for Haiti — Our high school ministry partnered together yesterday with Youth Front's "Feed the Hunger" initiative for Haiti.  Here's a great pic of them.  They packaged over 2200 meals!  If you or a group wants to do this on Wednesday, register here.
  2. Super Bowl Party — This opportunity is with KC Rescue Mission.  It involves throwing a Super Bowl Party for the men at the mission.  The event will run from 2-9p this Sunday, so we'll probably have people work in shifts.  Register by emailing
  3. Two Hillcrest Transitional Families — Grace has adopted an apartment at Hillcrest Transitional Housing, which helps homeless families transition to a home & steady job in 90-days.  There are a number of things that various small groups, or Bible studies, or friends can do from 2/7-2/13:  a graduation party needs to be thrown for Iris, the apartment needs to be cleaned, the pantry needs to be stocked with food, a welcome party for our new resident needs to be thrown.  In addition, gifts for birthdays, etc. during the quarter need to be provided, our next graduation party in mid-May, etc., etc.  Register by emailing
  4. Freedom Fire Ministries — This ministry impacts at-risk children & youth in our urban core.  On the 4th Friday of every month (the next one being 2/26), we partner with Freedom Fire on one of their Friday Night Outreaches, providing food, playing with them, & just being there for them.  Register by emailing
  5. Hillcrest Work Day — Our men's ministry is doing work days on both 2/20 & 3/20.  This is for guys who can do service projects for all the people transitioning out of homelessness at Hillcrest Transitional Housing.  Register by emailing
  6. International Medical Project — Actually, Pastor Brian mentioned this one.  For $5000, we can support medical care being sent into 2 villages, 1-2 times/month, for a full year.  It would go a long way toward showing people in those villages the love of God.  If you want to participate, just mark "Village Medical Project" on your offering.

Next week, we roll our weekend times back 30 minutes & kick of our "Are You Connected?" series, talking about how God wants us to cultivate friendships of love, a lifestyle of learning, & a lifestyle of leading others on the journey with us!