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Series 08 - G3
Yesterday we dove into the heart of "G3" in our study of Ephesians 4:1-16.

We dove into what God envisioned for our lives BEFORE time began…our "higher calling"…WHY God designed the church (i.e. the "non-negotiables" of the church)…why God gave TREMENDOUS flexibility to local churches on how they "do church"…and what in the world is "G3?"

A few thots from yesterday…

  • I LOVE it — I get SO pumped talking about God's vision for both His "Church" (BIG "C"…worldwide Church) and our "church" (little "c"…our local church).
  • G3 is Here! — We're spending the rest of 2008 walking thru the Scriptures together, praying & fasting together, and pursuing God together in these 3 areas:
    • "Serve" (Eph 4:16) — Challenging EVERY person to embrace their calling & gifts as a servant of Christ
    • "Invite" (Eph 4:15) — Challenging EVERY person to invite those around them on the journey with them
    • "Transform" (Eph 4:11-14) — Seeing EVERY person experience true transformation in their lives
  • 3rd Service Coming! — We've always added a 3rd service on "big days" (Christmas & Easter).  On our Christmas big day this year (Sun Dec 21), we're just going to keep it.  We need to because we are PACKED OUT in our children's ministry, and close to turning people away!  The times will be:
    • 8:30a
    • 10:00a
    • 11:30a
  • You Sense It Too? — I sense God preparing us, building up some SERIOUS spiritual momentum to a support to people both locally & globally in the difficult times we'll face together in 2009
  • 6 Chapters of Ephesians — Read through this short, amazing book this week…
    • Eph 1-3 (Doctrine) — God's grand, sweeping plan of history
    • Eph 4-6 (Practice) — God's incredibly practical steps for us

Pix - Servolution Web
Next weekend, we dive into a revolution of service together (a "Servolution").