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Series 10 - Friendspace Hi guys!  We just finished the 2nd week of our "Friendspace" series, a series about "Real Relationships in a Virtual World."  Sounds like I should update people on both weeks.

  • The Metaphor — This social networking thing is BIG.  Facebook.  MySpace.  LinkedIn.  Twitter.  Companies are tapping into an intrinsic need that God built into our DNA…the need to connect…as Genesis 2 says, "It is not good that man should be alone…."   Why did God do this?  Read the next thot…
  • God IS a Relationship — It isn't just that God desires relationship, or created relationship, or likes relationship.  It's that God — IS — a relationship.  He IS — by definition — a Trinity…the "Godhead"…the 3-in-1…a relationship between Father, Son, & Spirit.  And the original "Friend Request" in history was Jesus Christ…God's invitation to us to join in the love & fellowship shared in the Trinity. 
  • Relationally Connecting — The Greek word God uses to describe this deep connection with someone on the spiritual level is "koinonia", a word that can be translated "fellowship, communion, or sharing."  The word literally implies "mutual sharing" or "mutual participation."  Check out 1 John 1 for God's discussion of "koinonia", and Acts 2 for an illustration of it.
  • Best 20 Minutes This Week — Read thru Ephesians this week.  Or listen to the audio online.  One option is here.  Takes just 20 minutes.  The simple outline is (1) chapters 1-3 – "Our Riches in Christ;" (2) chapters 4-6 – "Our Walk in Christ."
  • Did I Really Say That??? — I used an illustration in our 3rd service that wasn't in my notes.  I compared people trying to gossip to you, to people trying to vomit in your mouth.  (1) It tastes terrible.  (2) It's unhealthy.  (3) You'd put a stop to it immediately.  Maybe I shouldn't have said that out loud.  🙂
  • Diving Deeper — Here are cross references that ended up on yesterday's cutting-room floor.
    • Choose not to let the conflict go unresolved — Mark 3:2
    • Take your concerns privately to them — Proverbs 6:19
    • Think & act & speak in ways which foster unity — Proverbs 15:1, Philippians 4:8
    • Offer them the free & full forgiveness of Christ — 2 Corinthians 2:10, Mark 11:26

Next weekend's topic?  "Let's chat."  How to have great communication, in even the highest-risk situations.