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Series 08 - Servolution We continued our 4-week "Servolution" series yesterday.  We're talking about the revolutionary thought Jesus introduced in Matthew 20:25-28…that the way to greatness is by putting ourselves at the very bottom…willing to do even the least glamorous tasks…as a servant of all.

Last week, we talked about how God SPARKS the "Revolution of Service" in us.  This week, we talked about how God SPREADS it thru us from Acts 17:1-9.

Here are a few "bonus" thots…

  • Last Week Follow-Up — I had a couple more people grab me about last weekend's topic.
    • Laughter — One wife told me that her husband absolutely lost it (with laughter) when I turned away from the stage & cried out, "I can't believe it!"
    • Communion — Another person told me they held off taking communion last week (based on 1 Corinthians 11:23-32) because they realized their heart wasn't right with when it comes to serving.  (They're addressing it & will take it next month.)
  • Your Spiritual Temp — Soooo.  Let's say you "get it."  Your spiritual temp is not hot (like Jeremiah 20:9).  You don't see it spreading but you WANT it to.  (Fire spreads.  People "on fire" spread their faith to others.)  Study Revelation 3:14-22.  (God's step-by-step solution is there!)
  • 4 Spiritual Generations — Over & over, the Bible tells us to look out & see if we have 4 spiritual generations: (1st Gen) Us.  (2nd Gen) People WE won to Christ.  (3rd Gen)  People the 2nd Gen won to Christ.  (4th Gen) People the 3rd Gen won to Christ.
  • Receiving Christ — We had SEVERAL people indicate on their Connect Card that they received Christ this week.  WOO HOO!!!
  • How to Share Your Faith — Someone asked me how to share your faith in the corporate sector, particularly with the fear in their corporate culture that spiritual topics are taboo.  Here's what I told them.
    • Pray — Pray for a potentially-related topic to come up.
    • Watch — Watch for the conversation to come up.  It will.  Someone will ask you about your weekend, or what you are listening to on your iPod, or what you are up to these days, or about the latest news.
    • Fish — Drop them a fishing line…something to see if they're interested in talking further.  ("I had an incredible weekend at church."  Or "I'm reading a great book these days on spiritual life."  Or "I feel like God is doing some great things these days in my family."  Or whatever!)
    • Integrity — If they are interested in talking further, try not to t dive into a long, deep discussion right then.  That can take time away from your company (unless you can authorize the break).  Instead, ask them to talk later on a formal break, or during lunch, or before or after work.
  • People - Karin Wilcox
    Karin Wilcox
    — I referenced the passing away of Karin Wilcox who attended our Prospective Members Class last week.  Pray for her friends & family.  Here is her obituary & her Facebook Group page.

Next weekend, we talk about the "The Resistance of a Servolution" (i.e. the obstacles we'll face when God starts to move in our hearts).