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Pix - Beginnings Handout Logo On Sunday, we continued our series called "Beginnings" with the message titled "Finding a Spouse: Isaac & Rebekah" (Genesis 24).

  • If you know someone who's considering marriage, do whatever it takes to get them to listen to it.  It will save some SERIOUS heartbreak to help people avoid diving quickly into a huge mistake.
  • How great was it that Jason Henderson was willing to share the letter from his great-grandma that he's been carrying with him for year.  What godly wisdom to wait and "See that she has all the needed qualities before the knot is tied."
  • Was anyone out there blown away by how their marriage paralled the story of Jesus Christ and his bride the church?
    • Abraham, the aged father, pictured God the Father
    • Isaac, the beloved son, pictured God the Son (Jesus)
    • The servant, sent by the father to find a bride, pictured the Holy Spirit
    • Rebekah, the bride who said "Yes" to marriage by faith, pictured you & I, the church

Next weekend, we close out our "Beginnings" series by discussing the book of Job…the entire book of Job…and diving into "The Meaning of Suffering."