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Series 09 - Extraordinary PrayerYesterday was day 2 of our "Extraordinary Prayer" series.  And I am having a blast hearing how God is using this series in people's lives.

Our topic was the creativity & variety that God designed into prayer: prayer lists, writing a letter, singing to God, praying the Scriptures, being still, praying micro-prayers, and praying when God brings people to mind.

God never wants our communication with Him to become, as E.M. Bounds wrote, just a "recitation of words, a mere verbal performance, an empty ceremony."

There's lots of stuff to talk about:

  • The Video — We bought another SermonSpice video this week to kick off our topic.  Very creative.  Artistic.  Beautiful music.  You can watch it here.
  • The Quotes — I quoted two authors on prayer this week: E. M. Bounds and Watchman Nee.
  • Which Was Harder? — I changed up how I prayed with everyone yesterday.  (1) I had everyone keep their heads up & eyes open.  (2) I didn't end with my usual prayer script, "In Jesus' name, Amen." Which was harder to do?  #2.  After I just stopped praying, I didn't know what to say next. 🙂
  • Singing to God — Here are a couple of albums I love singing to God to:
  • Praying the Scriptures — Years ago, I was challenged to create my own personalized prayer from the Scriptures by picking out a set of verses through Psalm 119.  I chose 14 of them.  For a time, my prayer time was built around them.  It was a great exercise & great time of prayer.
  • More Variety in Prayer — Here are some other ways that God designed variety into our prayer life:
  • I'd Prefer Not To… — I'm very open to trying out new ways of ministry, including prayer.  But there's one mode of prayer I'd not into: praying in a circle while holding hands.  Unfortunately, all I can think of is, "Are my hands in the right place?  Am I gripping too hard?  Too soft?  Oh no, I'm starting to sweat!"