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Series 09 - Love & Sex

Yesterday, we closed out of our "Love &
series.  I had asked people last Saturday to send in questions or topics they'd like me to address today.

Two things:  (1) I got WAAAAY more questions than I could possibly have dealt with.  In addition, some questions would have taken an entire session themselves to unpack them & do them justice.  (2) People were REALLY candid in their questions, concerns, & hurts.  I really appreciated people being so open.

We ended up choosing 8 questions which addressed the vast majority of people's topics.

Here are bonus thoughts:

  • The Ask — Yesterday was a first.  Although we have asked people a BUNCH of times for their ideas BEFORE a series (usually on a night of pizza & brainstorming), we'd never done this.  We asked people to send in the specific questions they wanted us to cover before our FINAL week.
  • The Message — Because of its Q&A-nature, the message had a different feel.  One question didn't always naturally follow the previous one.  But that's ok…I like keeping each week "consistently inconsistent" in some way.
  • The Talk — Erroneously called "The Sex Talk" with your kids.  (It SHOULD be "The Vision Talk.") I referenced books yesterday which would be great sources to start hearing how others have done this talk with their kids.  Read them.  Ask your mentors.  Then customize the moment for your kids.
  • True Freedom — I know God spoke to people about starting a 40-day prayer journey to live in the total freedom that God has given you in Christ.  Here are the three prayer requests:
  • Feedback — I received these emails over the last day…
    • "Hoorah on msg today! …Am planning on a 40 day prayer vigil concerning my…relationship!!"
    • "Thanks so much for the Love and Sex series.  I know it’s not an especially easy topic to preach about but what a blessing to so many marriages!  I especially applaud you for taking on some tough questions in today’s sermon, including the controversial…stating God’s position but without malice to anyone and offering only love and acceptance…"
    • "Today's service/message was almost overwhelming.  I woke up so tired and just wanted to lay in bed. I thought several times I would just stay home and listen to the service online. After I got up, it just felt compelled to make it; I'm so glad that I did.  Although some of the message was so hard to take (being so close to home) I'm glad I was there.  So many of the questions are questions I could have asked myself…I love feeling like there is hope for me and I that God has a plan and I can let it all go.  I'm giving the control to God – and it is so freeing."
    • "AWESOME 4 week series.  It gave great words to [our] mission as a
      couple.  We feel empowered to encourage [our son] through his years and new
      relationships.  And, know without a doubt that God is the reason our marriage
      has stood strong for…years."
  • Deacon Love — It was AWESOME to celebrate the 4 deacon couples who've served God for years in the building and the 7 deacon couples that have been nominated by the church.  I am PSYCHED for them & how God will use them to touch people for Christ!!!  Here's what one person wrote about the moment:
    • "I was blown away to see all the new Deacon elects and their wives on stage today!  Wow!  God is so good!  My heart was doing back flips!  Our Deacons have needed reinforcements for a long time and what a way to 'gear up' for all the needs on our doorstep.  I just praise God for all He is doing.  I have to be reminded how God loves to use adversity to accomplish His purposes.  Romans 8:28"

Series 09 - Madne$$ (Finances)
March Madness is here.  (My FAVORITE sporting event of the year!!!) And next week we kick off a new series called "Madne$$" as we take on the "full-court pressure" people are feeling with the state of the economy, and the threat (or reality) of job loss, and gargantuan amount of money we're spending on corporate bailouts, and how people are facing crises in their careers, and our need to remain level-headed as we manage our personal finances, etc.

Next week is going to be AWESOME!!!  Don't miss the chance to invite a friend as we begin to talk about these things!