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Series 10 - Deadliest CatchYesterday we closed out the series we've been talking about for the last six weeks…a great series… ummmm… (silence)… "Deadliest Catch"!  (One-who-will-not-be-named forgot our series title in 3rd service yesterday.)  🙂

Our topic was "The Essential Tacklebox" from Acts 18:1-11, giving everyone the essential tools to address:

  • How do you graciously raise the issue of spiritual things/God in a conversation?
  • How do you bring up the subject of Jesus in a way that fosters healthy dialogue?
  • How do you know when it's time to drop the subject?
  • What is "success" when it comes to sharing our faith?

Here are some "thots" on yesterday…

  • Must Reads — I referenced 2 books yesterday by Carmen Mayell & Ravi Zacharias.  I blogged about them before here.
  • Ravi Time — I also posted 2 entries after a live session with Ravi earlier this year.  You can find them here & here.
  • Entrepreneurs & BAM — I referenced a trend in the Church today where God is using entrepreneurs to start businesses in cultures which are closed to the traditional missionary. It's called BAM.  Here's one place that talks about it.
  • Ask an Athiest — Brad Johnson sent me a link to an interesting USA Today article called "How to Sell Christianity? Ask an Athiest."
  • The Power of Questions — I referenced some powerful questions from Carmen Mayell yesterday, to encourage dialogue (tr. "reasoned" in Acts 18:4), not monologue:
    • Can I ask you a couple questions I've been thinking about recently?
    • Do you believe there's a God, & if so can He be known?
    • What brought you to those beliefs?
    • Have you considered the claims of Jesus as to his role in the know-ability of God?