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Perspectives_exposure_ppt_3 Week #4 of our weekend series called "Perspectives Exposure" is in the books (5 weeks, 5 people, 5 encounters with God to see things from God’s perspective).

We looked at the apostle Peter in Acts 10 who had his life of comfort & cultural-bias challenged by God
when he was asked to reach out to a Gentile military commander.  You can listen here or "Ipod" it here.

Here’s some thoughts from yesterday’s topic.

  • Second week in a row where the prep was not easy, but I think God used it greatly.  Cuts into my blogging-energy, though.
  • Joppa_jaffas_old_port_6
    Cool study I didn’t mention
    ?  Joppa (modern Jaffa).

  • Cool study I blew through?  Who needs patience:
    • People who DON’T know better — Cornelius who bowed down to Peter when they first met (Acts 10:25-26)
    • People who SHOULD know better — Christian leaders who ambushed Peter about Cornelius (Acts 11:2-3)
    • YOURSELF — Peter who he feared Jewish criticism & stopped eating with Gentiles (Galatians 2:11-14)
  • Object_keys_5
    Cool study I alluded to
    ?  The keys of the kingdom of heaven, given to Peter (Matthew 16:17-19) & along with the order to be used (Acts 1:8)

  • Other thots that may only interest me?
    • I thought the stories of the ridiculous things I’ve said to people would get a bigger laugh at the start.  Unfortunately, I suspect people EXPECT that from me!  🙂
    • I had NO IDEA my references to biases about Belton & Leawood would get a laugh.  But it happened in both services.  What was I thinking?  🙂