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Pix - Enemy Within Web Yesterday, we continued our "Enemy Within" series with a week on "Depression."

This is a topic close to my heart because, as I shared yesterday, I have faced some serious times of depression in my life (about 12 months straight in college & 18 months as pastor of Grace).

Here are some bonus thoughts from the weekend:

  • I think God used the message this week in an incredible way. I could almost palpably sense His presence as we talked about depression this week.  Ben mentioned that when he came out for the final song after the message that he saw there were people all over the worship center visibly moved, even to tears. 
  • I flew through the 3 things that oppose God's work in every Christian's life.  Here they are:
    • Societal Opposition (world) – Jas 4:4
    • Spiritual Opposition (devil) – 1Pet 5:8
    • Internal Opposition (flesh) – Rom 7:18
  • Here's the info on depression I referred to from the National Institute of Mental Health.
  • Here's some cutting-room floor material on depression:
  • For those of you who came to 1st Service (& you are my heroes for that!), did you notice something just askew foul "a little off" during the very 1st song (which was Let It Rise)?  Yea…that was ME!  As I was clapping at the end of the 1st song, I heard my clapping over the loudspeakers.  Not sure if I heard right, I snapped my fingers next to my microphone.  To my horror, I heard I was mic'd with the Praise Team during the first song…voice & all!  They quickly shut me off…and God's Spirit returned…and all heaven rejoiced.  🙂
  • Wife - A Hottie
    And by the way…I didn't plan on doing so, but I called my wife "a Hottie" in both services.  And — for the record — she IS a Hottie!

Next week, let's take on a 4th "enemy within" us…"Negativity."