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Series 09 - Average JoeWell it's over.  We closed out the life of Joseph yesterday (our "Average Joe" series).

We walked through Genesis 50 and talked about "Dealing with Wounds."  Here is one of the most gracious, mature, & wise conversations you'll ever get to hear.  Joseph is speaking with his brothers about why he's ALREADY forgiven them for betraying him & wounding him so deeply.

Here are some final thots on yesterday:

  • God Moments — I heard from several people after the message…
    • One man told me that, just this week, he started thinking about a classmate who wounded him 30+ years ago.  It had been years since he thought of him.  But he decided that if he did see him, he'd give him a piece of his mind…even "throw down" with him.  He'd get revenge.  Then he showed up at church.  🙂
    • Another man told me he forgave his deceased mother during service.  His mom had horribly abused him decades ago…even wanted to kill him.
    • A couple ladies said something to the effect of, "That message was for ME!!!"
  • $10 Billion Debt vs. $5 Debt — I threw out the story that Jesus told about the guy who was forgiven of a HUGE debt (e.g. $10 Billion) who holds his friend's feet to the fire over a MINOR debt (e.g. $5).  I didn't give the reference to the story though.  It's Matthew 18:21-35.
  • XYZ — I'm glad no one noticed during first service.  That's the benefit of long shirts.  Speaking of that, I can't believe someone took the time to capture euphemisms on the topic from around the world.

Next weekend, we kick off OnePrayer.  (I'm pumped for it!)