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Series_07_christmas_survival_guideOn Christmas Eve, we finished up our "Survival Guide to Christmas" series (session #5 of 5).

We studied the story of the wise men in Matthew 2:1-18 and talked about "Dealing with Distractions."

Here are some bonus thoughts from that session:

  • People love candlelight services.  We were pulling in chairs to squeeze everyone in during the 1st service.
  • Object_candle
    Candlelight services are stunningly beautiful.  You should have seen the sea of lights from my vantage point.  Amazing.
  • But I got choked up as I read Matthew 5:14-16 and surveyed the crowd.  I was AWED & HUMBLED by the potential influence that can be unleashed by the local church.  So many lives, shining light into their worlds.