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Series 10 - Operation K (SBO) Yesterday was an absolute thrill.

I've never been part of a service where the children were so fully-integrated into the service.  It went far beyond the traditional "let's-have-the-kids-sing-a-few-songs-at-the-start" type of service.  Instead the kids helped lead every single aspect.

Think about it:

  • Our youth band played (for the second week in a row)
  • 3 elementary students led us in prayer
  • 7 elementary students got baptized
  • 15 elementary students read the Bible verses
  • 50+ elementary students shared their perspectives on video
  • 350+ elementary students led worship
  • 350+ elementary students shouted out each point (from memory)
  • Every child helped keep their parents/grandparents on track

Very unique.  Awesome.  And I've heard from a slew of parents who thought the same thing.

What else can I say about service?

  • Church of the Future?? — To all the kids
    who helped lead service, thank you, thank you. We parents sometimes call
    you the "Church-of-the-Future." Though that's true, we inadvertently
    overlook your role as the "Church-of-Today." You are! Thank you for
    helping disciple us yesterday.
  • Courage of a Child — One child came up with his Dad after 1st worship to tell me how his Dad & Mom had shared how to receive Christ this week. He thanked his Dad "about 100 times" over the weekend, his Dad said. What a Father's Day present!
  • Need a Passport?? — The downstairs decorations were so amazing that you might have thought you needed a passport to enter. It looked EXACTLY like a rural village in the Middle East!
  • Cutting Room Floor — My first cut at the message also included how Jesus "cracked the CODE" for us 2000 years ago, as the best-missionary-in-history. Alas, I had to cut it for sake of time. Here it is:
    • C — Jesus learned & adapted to human CULTURE 2000 years ago (Php 2:5-7)
    • O — Jesus seized the OPPORTUNITY to reach humanity at the perfect moment (Gal 4:4-5)
    • D — Jesus DECIDED to love humanity, while we were still sinners (Rom 5:8)
    • E — Jesus EXPRESSED God's truth to us, in ways we could understand (Heb 1:1-2)
  • Jose's Story — Wasn't it powerful to hear Jose's story, a "PK" (i.e. Pastor's Kid), who was raised in church, who worked on a church staff for years, tell how he received Christ 2 weeks ago, and the reasons he was being baptized yesterday? That's what it's all about.
  • Taste of Baptismal — Did anyone notice one of our stage managers (Jason McMahon I won't say who) drop my water bottle into the baptismal as I walked up on stage during the SBO video?  All I can say is that baptismal water has a unique taste. 🙂
  • Calling All Men — It's time to register for the camp out this weekend. Just click here & do it!