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Series 09 - BeyondI thought yesterday was an amazing day!

We continued our "Beyond" series through the books of Jonah & Nahum.  We were talking about what it's like to have God reach out to us, pursue our hearts, close in on us, and even feel "Cornered by God."

Our study centered around Jonah 1:6-17.

Here are my thots:

  • God Moment — I recently received this story from one of our own:
    • "Hi Pastor Tim…I  wanted to reference your example on the girl
      you thought she was 'the one'. If you recall I had a similar situation that I
      talked to you about, and true to your word it wasn't worth it. If God hasn't
      approved it, it will never work. So after praying for a long time for what i
      wanted (not what God wanted), I realized it wasn't within my power to keep
      him..and I finally gave it up (with a lot of tears just like and I actually
      feel good about it,and I'm at peace.I know God has someone he's preparing for
      me, and me for him. I trust him. I just thought I would share this."
  • Family Crisis — I came across a family crisis as our 3rd service was starting and ended up praying with a couple who is absolutely brokenhearted over their baby son, who was perfectly healthy up until his premature birth last week, but is not unresponsive & on a ventilator at an area hospital.  Would you lift them up to the Lord?
  • Changing on the Fly — I'm so proud of our Weekend Service Team (WST).  They knew that I was with the couple during service so, while the service was going, they completely reorganized the rest of the service on the fly.  We have an outstanding team!  GREAT JOB GUYS!!!
  • Rock & Roll Ben — Did you notice our worship pastor Ben on the microphone without his guitar.  He had a lot more freedom physically.  I thought he did an amazing job.  Loved it.
  • Legalist or Coward?? — I've been trying to figure out why Jonah asked the sailors to toss him overboard in Jonah 1:12.  The best idea I had was that he was a legalist, obeying the letter of the law ("God, I didn't kill myself!"), but not the heart.  I heard Janette Sims had an idea: he was a coward who wanted others to do what he knew was wrong AND he couldn't go through with it himself.
  • Easy Button — We talked about the 3 ways God wants to speak to you…the "easy" button:  (1) The Word of God.  (2) The Holy Spirit.  (3) The Local Church.  If you want to know how God can use people in your local church to speak truth into our lives, check out Acts 21.  Paul should have listened.  🙂
  • The K's — It was WAY cool to hear from a man who's working with the K's.  We're adopting them as a church to pray for, serve, support, bless, etc.
  • Casting Lots — Hmmm…that process seemed to work so well for the sailors, I may have to start using it in staff meeting…
  • Acts 1:8
    — Have you memorized this verse before?   I'd do it.  We're building our whole year around it.

    • "But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon
      you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem
      [BEYOND OURSELVES – personal outreach], and in all Judea
      and Samaria
      [BEYOND OUR COMMUNITY – local outreach], and to the end of the earth [BEYOND BORDERS – world outreach]." (Acts 1:8)

We're back on track this Wednesday in our "Navigating the Wilderness" series with a talk on "Devotion" from Numbers 3-4.   Then next Sunday morning, we'll hear about those times we find ourselves "Crying Out to God" from Jonah 2, one of the richest prophetic passages in all the Bible.  Jesus himself referred to it in Matthew 12:38-42.