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Series_07_christmas_survival_guideOn Christmas Eve-Eve (Sun Dec 23), we continued our "Survival Guide to Christmas" series (session #4 of 5).

We studied the story of Simeon & Anna in Luke 2:21-38 and talked about "Dealing with Being Alone."

Here are some bonus thoughts from that session:

  • Hardly anyone had heard a message before on Simeon & Anna (neither had I).  Those two have really gotten the "Holiday Shaft" over the last 2000 years of Christmas messages.  No more.  🙂
  • I LOVED the image of God using 2 older single people who hadn’t retired from serving God.
  • Extra verses I referenced that day?
    • The "I realize I’m all alone" psalm (Psalm 142)
  • Our Grace Café team rolled out their new cappuccino machine that day.  Mmmm….Food_coffee
  • Actually, I did 5 services that day:
    • 5:30a – Review #1 (by myself)
    • 6:30a – Review #2 (with Brian Gann)
    • 8:30a – Service #1
    • 10:00a – Service #2
    • 11:30a – Service #3
    • 1:00p – I officially became a pool of mental mush  🙂