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Series 08 - Choices (Ruth)Two days ago, we kicked off a 5-week series called "Choices" through the book of Ruth.  We are studying the 5 MAJOR choices that God desires every single one of us to make.

This week, we dealt with the choice upon which every other choice is based: "Choosing Your Family" from Ruth 1:1-18.

Let's see…here are several thoughts from Sunday:

  • People Receiving Christ — We had 9 PEOPLE mark that they received Jesus Christ as their Savior on Sunday!!!  (That NEVER grows old!!!)
  • Small Groups — Our small groups are following along in the same passage of Scripture each week, studying further & discussing the texts.  My Tuesday morning Men's group talked through it today.  EXCELLENT discussion!  Are your groups going well?
  • 2 Spiritual Families — I LOVE how Ruth & Orpah are pictures of how people can choose to be in 1 of 2 spiritual families.  You can find the spiritual family Orpah pictures in John 8:44 (because she went back to "her gods") & you can find spiritual family Ruth pictures in John 1:12-13 (because she chose "the LORD").
  • Oprah Video — I shared with everyone that Oprah got her name from "Orpah" in the book of Ruth.  Here's the website where I learned it.  (You can even watch the video of her talking about it.)
  • The Times of the Judges — I said the the book of Judges was a time when people were doing some pretty messed up things because they weren't following God as their king (Judges 21:25).  If you want an example, check out Judges 19.

Join us for "Chooosing Your Attitude" next week from Ruth 1:19-2:18.