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Series 08 - Choices (Ruth)Yesterday, we continued our 5-week series called "Choices" through the book of Ruth.  We are studying the 5 MAJOR choices that God desires every single one of us to make.

This was week #2 on "Choosing Your Attitude" from Ruth 1:19-2:18.

Let's see…here are several thoughts from Sunday:

  • The Choir — I enjoyed having the men & women help lead praise on stage.  A great way to mix it up!  I especially loved when they were singing a different line that mixed beautifully with the main chorus.
  • Ruth is "the Woman" — Wow!  Is her story INCREDIBLE or what???
  • 2 Sides of a Coin — Each of the 5 characteristics of people with a bad attitude could be matched up with the OPPOSITE characteristic of a people with a good (i.e. Christ's) attitude.
    • Blame others —vs– Believe God
    • Forget –vs– Remember clearly
    • Miss the good –vs– Be thankful
    • Take 'potshots' —vs– Remain kind
    • Focus on self —vs– Other's needs
  • Prophetic Picture — Did you catch that the relationship of Boaz & Ruth is shaping up to represent Christ & us?
    • 2:1 — Boaz (Christ) is old, wealthy, & Jewish
    • 2:5 — Boaz (Christ) first notices Ruth (us)
    • 2:6-7 — Boaz (Christ) gets a report on Ruth (us)
    • 2:8 — Boaz (Christ) first approaches Ruth (us)
    • 2:8 — Boaz (Christ) gives Ruth (us) a "field"
    • 2:9 — Boaz (Christ) provides for Ruth (us)
    • 2:9 — Boaz (Christ) protects Ruth (us)
    • 2:10 — Ruth (us) is not of Boaz's (Christ's) people
    • 2:12 — Boaz (Christ) wants to reward Ruth (us)
    • 2:14 — Boaz (Christ) has Ruth (us) at his feast
    • 2:15-16 — Boaz (Christ) works behind-the-scenes for Ruth (us)
  • Cracking Myself Up — I cracked myself up when referring to Ruth as a "young, hardworking, mud-covered, Moabite 'Hottie'."
  • Weekend Attendance — We keep seeing more & more people check out Grace.  We had 1100 attend yesterday.  Way to go God!!!  (Pray for their connecting & growth, too!)

Join us for "Choosing to Follow" next week from Ruth 2:19-3:6.  We're going to talk about some things that will absolutely ROCK your world & turn your life UPSIDE-DOWN!!!  (Or maybe "right-side up.")  🙂