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Series 08 - Choices (Ruth)On Sunday, we finished out our 5-week "Choices" series through the Book of Ruth, studying the 5 major choices every follower of Jesus must choose to make.  We've had all our small groups talking through each week's topic as well.

I've heard so many people mention how this series has been good for them spiritually.  GO GOD!!!

We closed out the series talking about "Choosing to Wait" (to wait on God, that is) from Ruth 4.

Some thoughts from Sunday…

  • Hate to Wait — Ok.  I admitted I hate to wait in lines.  It's true.  Here were 3 examples I had to cut for sake of time.  The first 2 were from my trip to Atlanta last week:
    • The Curse of Multiple Lines — Whenever I have to choose between multiple lines (at a restaurant, grocery store, or airport security), my mere presence turns the fastest line into the SLOWEST!  This time it was airport security.  I got info that the far right was the fastest.  It had the least people.  And I was STILL the last one through!  🙂
    • The Curse of One Long Line — So I get into a coffee line of about 30 people during a break.  No way I could pick the wrong line.  There was only 1!  Sure enough, their 10 gallon drum of coffee starting running low as I got closer.  10 minutes into my wait, I'm next…and they RUN OUT of coffee.  I wait 15 more minutes for them to brew & bring 10 more gallons of coffee.  Yes…I have "the gift."  🙂
    • Call Waiting — Yes, it's "of the devil."  How LAME is that phone "feature?"  They should change it's name from "Call Waiting" to "I'm-Waiting-For-Someone-Errrrrr-Anyone-Better-Than-You-To-Call-And-Interrupt-Us!"  Lose the feature if you have it!  🙂
  • Ruth's 2 Husbands — Want to blow your mind?
    • First, read Ruth 4:10.  Ruth's first husband ("Mahlon" which means "sickly") had died, which allowed her to be married to another man ("Boaz" which means "quick" or "strong") and bear his fruit.
    • Now, read Romans 7:1-4.  This story pictures how OUR "first husband" (the Old Testament Law) "died" on the cross of Christ so we could be married to ANOTHER "husband" (Jesus in the times of the New Testament) and bear His fruit.
  • The Mystery Man — Who does the nameless man of Ruth 4:1-10 represent (i.e. the man who is a closer relative to Ruth than Boaz, who had the first opportunity to redeem Ruth)?  Many people believe he represents the Old Testament Law (willing to try to redeem the land, but unable to redeeem people).  See Romans 8:2-4.
  • Other Cross References — Here are the Old Testament laws that the writer of Ruth assumes we are familiar with:

Next week, we kick off a 2-week series called "Who is God?" where we are diving into what is "common-knowledge" about God (and PATENTLY WRONG!!!)…that the God of the Old Testament was a mean, vengeful God, but the God of the New Testament is a nice, gracious God.  (I heard that on TV again this week.)  WRONG!!!  🙂

Come find out why next week!