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Series 08 - Choices (Ruth)Yesterday we finished week #4 of our "Choices" series through Ruth, studying the 5 MAJOR choices that God desires every single one of us to make.

The topic we covered was "Choosing to Risk" from Ruth 3:7-18.

Some thoughts from Sunday…

  • Life & Risk — When you are a person of faith or not, we ALL deal with risk every day.  We really DON'T know what's going to happen tomorrow.
  • Faith & Risk — It really struck me this week how much faith in God is connected with taking a risk for God.  (Can it even be called faith without something risked on God?)  Think…
    • Israel stuck between the Red Sea & Pharoah's armies
    • David taking on Goliath
    • Peter walking on water
    • Ruth asking Boaz to marry her
  • Same Risks Today — Faith & risk haven't changed.  God ALWAYS comes thru for people who take the risk to follow Him.  Think…
    • Someone teaching the Bible for the first time
    • Someone checking out a small group
    • Someone deciding to give 10% to God
    • Someone asking a friend to visit church with them
  • The 8-Pt Checklist — Make sure you jot down that 8-point checklist for knowing if a direction is God or not.  It's GOLD!  🙂
  • Blaming God for Our Risks — I found a bunch of places which talked about people who CLAIMED to hear from God, but didn't.  That's "bad risk."

Next week, we close out our series by studying the "Choice to Wait" from Ruth 4.  Who likes to wait?  🙂