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Series 08 - Choices (Ruth)Ok…yesterday was week #3 of our "Choices" series through the book of Ruth.  We are studying the 5 MAJOR choices that God desires every single one of us to make.

This was week #2 on "Choosing to Follow" from Ruth 2:19-3:6.

Some thoughts from Sunday…

  • A Tough Topic
    — We touched base on one of the more touchy subjects for 21st Century
    Americans…the choice to follow.  It's hard enough to follow a perfect
    God & Bible…but to follow imperfect humans (as long as they're just doing stupid things…not something unethical) is a WHOLE other level of our calling!
  • The Basis of Christianity — It amazed me how much "following" was built into the core of following Christ.  Check out these refs:
  • Jesus' Blended Family — I LOVE the fact that Jesus was able to follow his wholly flawed mom & step-dad, even though he KNEW that he was smarter than them, better than them, & always had the right answers!  (Luke 2:51-52)
  • Pick Good, Bro! — Someone mentioned to me that the "law of the kinsman-redeemer" from Deuteronomy 25:5-10 would lead men to say to their relatives, "Pick a good one, Bro!"  AND it would lead women to warn their relatives , "Pick some good relatives, Sis!"  🙂

Next week, we take on the "Choice to Risk" from Ruth 3:7-18.  When do you step on that ledge for God (or out of the boat)?