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Series 10 - Deadliest CatchWow.  Yesterday was an AMAZING day.  We were in week 3 of our "Deadliest
series, unpacking the role of telling God's story (i.e. "evangelism" or being "a fisher of men", Matthew

Last week, our new Student Ministries Pastor Josh Krzanak (pronounced "Shah-Nock") knocked it out of the park with a talk on the power of your story (i.e. your "testimony").

I taught from Acts 11:19-26, the first of a handful of passages which go to the heart of our church vision — what it means to truly become "an Antiochian Church."

  • Like the Church At Antioch?? — Since Jacob was promoted yesterday to the Middle School class, he'll be sure to hit up our weekend service (& Dad speaking) each week.  I asked him what he learned yesterday.  "A bunch.  I didn't know we were even trying to be an Antiochan Church."  When I quizzed him on the service, including asking what the weakness of the Church at Jerusalem was, he got it.  "It was so good there that no one wanted to leave!"
  • Antiochian Church Vision — For those of you who missed the service, here's the 1-sentence summary of what it means at Grace to become "an Antiochian Church"
    • "We exist to establish life-transforming and reproducing communities of Christ-followers among all peoples."
  • On Antioch Road — Isn't it cool that God led us to build on Antioch Road someday…the church like Antioch, on Antioch?  🙂
  • Cause for Concern — I mentioned that I start to get concerned about myself (or anyone else for that matter) if it's been a little too long since I (or they) have shared the gospel with someone, led someone to Christ, or wept over someone without Christ.  Here are the passages that break my heart:
    • Jesus' heart for people — John 11:35, Luke 19:41, Hebrews 5:7
    • Paul's heart for people — Philippians 3:18, Romans 9:1-4, 10:1-4
  • Stories@GraceKS Video — Here's a special thank you to Gary Gingrich who was willing to tell the story of what God's been doing in his life, Ben Abu Saada who interviewed him, and Josh Krzanak who put the video together.  Way to go guys!!!
  • The COOLEST Moment — The best moment of all yesterday was right after 3rd service.  This young couple (newlyweds) came up.  The husband, Jose, grew up a preacher's kid in a Baptist Church.  He's served in ministry, led others to Christ, even worked on a church staff as a tech.  But yesterday he was absolutely broken and ready to admit that he, himself, had never trusted Christ. Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! He bowed his head with me & received Christ!!
  • The COOLEST Moment (follow-up) — When one of our own, Doug Mason, caught wind of it (my Twitter update that fed to Facebook), he wrote: "There are probably so many more of those people out
    there like this guy and my heart goes out to them.  Being in Gods earthly house (Church) and not
    really knowing HIM has to be hard and confusing.  What a testimony this guy has now – way to
    glorify God Tim!!!"

Next week's topic is "Your Fishing Hole," talking about how to "fish the best fishing-spots" we have — our classroom, workplace, ball team, neighborhood, etc.