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Yesterday’s weekend topic was "Bread" from Exodus 16.

I LOVED studying out this chapter and talking about it.  I think the picture of the bread is so rich…we just scratched the surface.

We learned that the physical bread the Israelites hungered for in the wilderness was a picture of the spiritual hunger we have for two other "breads":

  1. Jesus (John 6:32-36)
  2. The Bible (Deuteronomy 8:1-3).

A few other thoughts.

  • In our "What is it?" bread taste-test game, I really didn’t expect people to actually put the bread in my mouth.  They weren’t shy were they?  🙂
  • One man came up afterwards and told me how he divided up the number of pages in his Bible Series_08_bread_manny_terrys_page
    through 1 year & what chapter he wanted to reach by the end of each month.  (Click on the picture for a bigger view.)
  • A visitor caught me after service & told me they found our church through the Willow Creek "Find-a-Church" website.
  • Here is a previous post I made on my daily Bible reading plan.
  • I got this email from someone today:
    • "So, after your sermon Sunday I decided I wouldn’t skip my Bible reading on
      Sunday night.  I pick up where I had last left off and read a chapter.  The
      is about Elijah telling the King that there will be a drought…God
      tells him to flee to Kerith Ravine where birds bring him meat and bread in the
      morning and night.  Everything he needs.  Interesting that that would be the
      chapter I’d read."