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Series 10 - The Bottom Line
I remember sitting in church years ago & hearing a tale of two families.  Take one family whose child becomes a happy, well-adjusted, college graduate with a nice job & family.  Take another family whose child gets sidetracked into dysfunctionality & addictions, never able to hold a job or support themselves or maintain healthy relationships.

Most would consider one a success & the other a failure.  Unfortunately BOTH are failures if they fail to pass on a rich, living relationship with God to the next generation.

Yesterday's topic was "The Bottom Line on Home."  The bottom line was this: "Family should always, always, always come second."  That is, right after God, and before everyone else.

Some bonus "thots"…

  • When to Judge?? — I made the statement that it's really premature to call any family a "success" until (a) your kids are walking with God themselves out of the home, (b) you & your kids are passing on your spiritual heritage to your grandkids, & (c) your grandkids starting to embrace a walk with God through Christ themselves. This sits on my heart ALL the time.
  • 3-4 Generations — God wants us to look toward & invest in 3-4 generations, physically OR spiritually. It's a theme all the way through Scripture. Check out Exodus 20:1-6, Psalm 78:4-7, & 2 Timothy 2:2.
  • A Spiritual Heritage — Jason McMahon shot me this note after service, when considering God's definition of success…passing on your walk to the next generations.  He wrote, "What a warm feeling I had yesterday on my drive home knowing that my
    grandparents (and Kim's too) were successful.  As they have great grandchildren
    that will get to meet them in heaven.  Thanks for making my day :)"
  • The Sweet Sound — Did you hear it?  The sweet sound of violin was filling our worship again.  Nice to have Mrs. Stary back! (Why is it that good violin is "oh so good"?? And bad violin is "oh so bad"??)
  • Another Local God??
    — I mentioned to everyone that, among all the things that can bump God
    & family out of the #1-2 spots in our lives, youth sports/hobbies
    have got to be mentioned.  I received this (anonymous) comment: "Tim, thanks for telling the congregation last week that sports shouldn’t have
    such importance in families. Keep repeating that. Please!"

Next week's topic is "The Bottom Line on Career."  This would be the PERFECT time to give a shout out to your friends at work and invite them to visit Grace with you this weekend!!!