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Series 10 - The Bottom Line It felt like coming home.  After a few weeks off, I got the chance to see everyone again, worship together, be encouraged, teach, minister…you name it.

Our topic was "The Bottom Line on God" from Deuteronomy 6. The bottom line was this:

  • God is not interested being a "part" of our lives

Lots of stuff to add to yesterday…

  • Not Your "Avg-Joe" — It was great to have recording artist/worship leader Joe Henschel from San Diego lead worship for us.  He did a fantastic job & gave Pastor Ben a "break" (working audio).
  • The Shema — Our study centered on the bottom line many Jewish rabbis might give "On God": the Shema.  The Shema is at least 3 things:
    • A Word — The Hebrew word "Shema" is translated "Hear" in English
    • A Verse — Specifically Deuteronomy 6:4, the greatest expression of monotheism & the uniqueness of God in Scripture, & the final words a Jewish person attempts to say
    • A Prayer — The Shema is the first verse of the morning & evening prayers of Judaism consisting of praying these 3 sections of Scripture back to God: Deut 6:4-9, 11:13-21, Num 15:37-41
  • Bonus Verses — I came across these in my daily reading just before the message, but couldn't find space for them:
    • The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Psalm 111:10)
    • The fear of the Lord is teachable (Psalm 25:12)
    • Are you guided by God's eye…where He's looking? (Psalm 32:8)
    • No one…no one is like God (Psalm 35:10)
  • Movie - HighlanderThe "Highest" Highlander — When I was talking about there being only 1 God, I REEEEALLY wanted to pull out the Highlander reference.  "There can only be one!!!"  [One God, that is.]
  • Calling all Men!! — Speaking of "Highlander" & real men, it's time for every man to "man up" and register himself & his son & his dad & his boss & his friend for the quarterly men's event called "Men's Community".  Besides getting a free breakfast of "man-food", we'll hear Jimmy Dodd on how to follow God, even through the most difficult times of life. Man up & show up hungry at 7:30a on Sat Aug 28.
  • Calling all Women!! — The time's running out to register for the Imagine event at the Sprint center and reserve your hotel room with other Grace Church ladies. Register here today. And check out the preview video here. P.S. If men have to "man-up", do women have to "woman-up"???

Next week's topic is "The Bottom Line on Home." We all know a neighbor, a friend, or coworker (or US!) who desperately NEEDS to be there next weekend. Do whatever it takes to get them there beside you!