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Series 10 - The Bottom Line I loved yesterday on so many levels.

  • Ladies Worship Team — Wow. That was uh-maze-ing. The ladies that led worship together have an incredible gift, their voices blended so well, & God was there! "Point of Grace" has nothing on them. It's time to get a bus & have them tour the country! 🙂

  • Missions - Yesu Bandela Yesuparam Bandela & John Jacobs
    — Hearing from Yesu & his work with the Gospel Association of India was outstanding. The story of his father, his father's stabbing & martyrdom, & Yesu's call to the ministry was an incredible mixture of tragedy, forgiveness, redemption, & God's grace. And it was great hearing from John, CIO of JE Dunn, on what it was like for a fellow Johnson Countian & Gracer to minister in India for 2 weeks.
  • God's "Career Shift" — The topics we touched on yesterday fundamentally changed how I viewed my career at Black & Veatch years ago.
    • Our God is a God of creativity & work
    • God created people in his own image, with the same need & capacity for creativity & work
    • No matter who we THINK we work for, our TRUE supervisor is Jesus
    • No matter WHAT we think we do for a living, our TRUE vocation is to be Jesus ambassador, missionary, pastor, & priest to our workplace
  • Cutting Room Floor — I had to leave several passages out of our conversation, but to see our careers from God's perspective, check these out:
  • A Transformed Family — A mother grabbed me last week after service, broken about the type of environment that had emerged in her home. She was owning the responsibility & desiring to change. We prayed together & I shared some Scriptures with her. This week she came back & she was glowing. Her focus, attitude, & home environment had been transformed by God!

Next week's topic is "The Bottom Line on Health."  Never had a talk on this. I'm PUMPED about it!